Nice Priced Books & Bull City Records

Hello Durham, I do apologize for the breif hiatus but we have still been working hard on getting everyone up on the site with quality postings. Here are 2 videos that we made as previews to show you a taste of what we have been gearing up for. HUGE Shoutout to Chaz and Barry for letting me come in at the most random of times for photos, and thanks to everyone else for your support.

As always, Look out for us!


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First Video Teaser

Hello Durham,

We have been keeping very busy with the site dont you worry. A whole host of things are about to get posted very soon. For now, just to get rid of some of the suspense here is a teaser vid that myself and co-founder Ana made when we visited Kung Fu Tatoo last week.

As always! Keep the Indie Revolution alive!

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More New Additions!

Hello Durham,

I am just sendin a message to update you on what we are doing with the site! Just in…a blog section where our writers and myself will be documenting our progress on content! Check out what we are doing on our blog page and also, our first “video” will be posted soon! Keep a lookout!



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Look for us!

This week we are still adding updates plus, we are taking time to work on “documenting the city” We will be adding pics and write-ups about places and prospects that may peak your interest! Watch for those soon, and as always! GO INDIE OR NOTHING AT ALL!!!!


contact me —————>

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Tonite We will be at Kung Fu Tatoo!


Come out and support the shop artists and this website by coming out to the shop and meeting us! The event is from 7:00 until 11:00, 1003 West Chapel Hill ST. Its a good oppourtunity to reintroduce yourself to the people that are a part of the Indie Revolution!


–Travis C. Mitchell

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Update: Picking up Steam!

To Everyone,

First off, I want to thank all of those artists, individuals, and bussinesses for allowing me to add you on the site. We are already getting a lot of cooperation from a lot of different people. Fortunately we are already seeing a lot of traffic as well, but there is still a lot of work to be done and we are adding everyday!

Here are a few things to keep an eye on for the following week and thereafter:

  • “Hard” Documentary updates & Media
  • David McKnight. Street Fiddler documentary & media updates
  • Maple Stave Music & media
  • Swift (Hip Hop Artist) Media
  • Manbites Dog Theatre Media & updates
  • The Know Bookstore & Restaurant Documentary updates
  • Expanded coverage of Gay and Lesbian Section
  • More info on the “INDIE project” and what we are doing!

I would like to thank right now Chaz at Bull City Records and Lee at Ultimate Comics for joining the project just earlier today!


Travis C. Mitchell

Questions? email me @ ———>

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New Material Everyday Until Our Official Launch!!!!

Check the site often, every day we will add some sort of new material whether photos, video, quotes, whatever! If you see us today, beleive that what we take of you will be posted within hours!

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