Who and why!?

Hello Durham,

My name is Travis C. Mitchell and I am on a mission to unite Durham. Throughout the next few weeks, myself and my buddies will be paying a visit to the Independent Bussinesses, Artists, and Places and introducing ourselves.

Our aim is to bring Durham/Raleigh and everything else that follows together in one place. We intend to promote and show the world what makes you unique and necesary for the survival of Independent life. Pictures, Video, audio!! Doesn’t matter. We want to do it because as a film student thats jobless and pennyless I just want a reason to do what I do! So let me make you famous in Durham! Theres a reason why people love you, let us spread the word! Here people will realize that there are BETTER alternatives than the ordinary!

I am not asking for money or any type of compensation. I’m making a way for it myself. all I want is the oppourtunity to do what I love to help you better do what you love because theres no reason not to. I am devoting my time to you and so ar my buddies. We intend to make that time worth it!  Even if you just want to jump on this project with us with help, we can do it together!

Read more about the project on the home page!

Thanks and PLEASE EMAIL ME!!!!—————–> [tmitchell2@elon.edu]—Call me Cornell

Travis Cornell Mitchell


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