About Us

———————-> The End to Ordinary, as you know it……..a note from the creator(s)ish…

Travis C. Mitchell

I am the creator of this site and initiative. As a film student at Elon University I am always looking for ways to utilize my talents. Basically, since High School I have rejected the notion of “ordinary” but found myself questioning exactly where to go to fulfil my need for the unique and abstract.

I realized that I listen to Grizzly Bear and Mos Def over traditional radio but there is no place for that here in Durham…or so I thought. The proof lies in the growing Independent culture that is quickly gaining steam in NC and franklly worldwide. This initiative is starting off as something to display my talents and then I realized that there is a community in Durham that needs to be united! This came through hanging out at places like The Know Bookstore, Bull City Records, and Nice Price Books and I do not intend to stop it between the borders of my city, state, or even country.

My vision is to make EVERY INDEPENDENT or righteous person, place, or thing known through my skills as a filmaker and photographer on this site. I have access to high quality and proffesional equipment so rest-assured your story will look as if it has been done proffesionally…that is afterall my career. Not to mention I am doing this completely free, no strings attatched and you can be the co-producer of whatever we make about you! Its you we are representing!

Why am I doing this you ask? Because I can’t find a job so I might as well make one. All I ask is that you trust me and give me the chance to blow you away! Together we can make this work. You can check out some of my non-commercial stuff at http://cornell1.wordpress.com/

Contact me now at ———————> tmitchell2@elon.edu


Travis Cornell Mitchell




perhaps because my initials spell “ACT”, I have always been an activist, an advocate. As a kid I was encouraged to push the envelope- to leave a situation better or different than I found it. The maverick. The trailblazer. I am a born rebel and I am certain of and comfortable with the fact that life is to shake people from their complacency……make them ask themselves “why not”? Through this project I can create an opportunity for passionate collaboration.


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